Adopting A Life of Purpose & Servitude

I do not like writing my bio (does anyone?). I actually don't mind talking about myself, I just always feel that a bio is so incomplete and can't really capture who I am. Previously, I hadn't put much thought into my bio, just threw something together whenever it was requested. However, this afternoon I found a mini bio of myself on a website and I did not like it at all. So that quickly reinforced to me that it's important that I write my own bio so that I can decide what I want people to know about me and what I represent. Here's what I've got so far:

"Tina Strawn sets her intention to be a courageous, unapologetic truth seeker and truth teller everyday, but often she falls short and she's ok with that (seeing as how she's not fully enlightened yet). One minute she can be found encouraging her students to add more resistance on their bikes in her cycle classes, squat lower in her Barre classes or breathe deeper in her yoga classes. The next moment she may be marching or peacefully protesting with local social justice and civil rights groups against racism, white supremacy and police officers not being held accountable for killing black people.

Tina first found her voice by teaching a variety of Group Fitness classes over 14 years ago, as a way to deal with her mothers death from non Hodgkin's lymphoma, and a way to take care of herself and find sanity in the midst of being an overwhelmed, body insecure working mother of 3 kids. Tina's hobby of teaching classes would eventually turn into a career and she held many titles for companies such as LA Fitness and Lifetime Fitness, where she oversaw hundreds of aerobics coordinators, department heads, group fitness instructors, cycle instructors and yoga teachers across Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama.

When managing corporate group fitness no longer brought her joy, she simply quit.
Today, she is the GM of Anytime Fitness Alpharetta/Milton and she interacts online with her students, collegues and fitness community with her brand, Group Fitness Life. At the intersection of her activism and her teaching, Tina created Satya Yoga Trips, where she leads 3 day anti-racism yoga trips in Montgomery, Alabama, visiting the lynching memorial and the Legacy Museum: From Slavery to Mass Incarceration, using the philosophy and the practice of yoga as tools to dismantle racism.

Tina and her wife live in Alpharetta with their fur baby, Jax, where they are empty nesters who enjoy creating exactly what they want. She is an expert at practicing self care and saying no, and she considers herself a follower of joy, a chooser of love and a jumper. "

Well, it's a start.

There are only two mistakes that one can make along the road to truth, not going all the way, and not starting.